The Bitcoin Dominance Index measures Bitcoin’s Market Cap/ Total Market Cap of All Cryptocurrencies. While the overall market has been in retracement for about a month, bitcoin dominance has regained some ground.

This type of action is expected. The liquidity profile is far lower in altcoins than it is in…

Shown below is a graphical representation of the Bitcoin Mempool over the last three months. This shows us how many transactions are waiting in queue to be mined in future blocks. The color represents the fees people are willing to pay in order to prioritize their transaction in the queue.

Many were frustrated after Blockfi lowered their interest rates on BTC months ago, and just yesterday they announced a further decline in interest rates on all crypto assets.

Although this may be upsetting to people who had hoped to continously earn high yields on their crypto savings, let’s try to…

El Salvador declaring BTC as legal tender has been making waves through mainstream media of late so let’s break it down.

Why would El Salvador adopt Bitcoin? The narrative that has been most prolific in the headlines as well as in the Bitcoin community is that the adoption of Bitcoin…

Seeking Truth in Markets

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